About Our Organization

Any real estate property you own is likely the most important asset you have.  When dealing with any financial matters connected to real estate, experience matters.
Our firm has been providing consumers with the tools necessary to improve their financial wellness for decades. Whether you just have a few questions, or you have a financial hardship and would like to see if you qualify for a lower payment, call us or fill out our contact form today so we can work together on your specific situation and find a solution that may help you.
 We are devoted to guiding consumers toward financial dignity, self-determination and a long-term success.  At Nationwide Retention, our work is guided by three core values: Integrity, Compassion and Innovation.
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Nationwide Retention, LLC is a limited liability company with its corporate headquarters located at 23016 Lake Center Dr, Suite A400, Laguna Hills, CA  92653. Nationwide Retention is a marketing lead generator and assists in finding fully accredited Lenders or Real Estate Professionals for consumers. Nationwide Retention is not a Lender, Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent or Attorney network.  Nationwide Retention does not take mortgage applications, originate, service, make loans or credit decisions in connection with loans, perform short sales, and does not advertise or quote mortgage interest rates or any type of loan and or mortgage. Nor does Nationwide Retention assist in purchasing or selling of residential or commercial properties. Nationwide Retention's services are only administrative. Any loan inquiry you submit is not an application for credit. Rather, it is an inquiry to be matched with Lenders or Real Estate Professionals to receive condition offers from fully licensed and accredited lenders or applicable real estate professionals.